Marketing club collects over 100 gifts with LCC’s Holiday Toys for Tots drive

The LCC American Marketing Association (AMA) closed out the 2017 fall semester on a high note. With over 100 gift donations collected, it is safe to say this year’s Toys for Tots event was a success.

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Marketing club collects over 100 gifts with LCC’s holiday Toys for Tots drive

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Students Fundraise for LCC’s Food Pantry


Lansing, MI – Lansing Community College’s annual Potter Park Zoo day hosted many Alumni to participate at the “Face-Painting Booth” on Sunday, June 25. With the help of student volunteers, the American Marketing Association was able to fund-raise over $193. The club had managed to raise the money for the Lansing Community College food pantry.

Students present ideas at ‘Star Tank’

Students present ideas at ‘Star Tank’
  • On April 14, 2017

By Hannah Anderson
A&E Editor

“Welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seek an investment to start, grow or save their business,” the narrator of the ABC show “Shark Tank” often says in the opening.

That show is the inspiration for the LCC competition “Star Tank,” a contest where students and alumni present business ideas to a panel of five judges. The winner earns a $1,250 first-place prize.

“Star Tank” took place at LCC’s west campus on Wednesday, April 5. Eight contestants presented five-minute presentations to the judges; then answered questions on the spot afterward.

A wide variety of business plans were proposed, from a board game café to a theater for kids in the foster care system.

Marissa Dahlem, the grand prize winner with an idea for a coffee shop, said she will put the money into savings as she is still developing her “Mugs Café” business plan and degree.

Bill Motz, a professor of marketing at LCC and one of the creators of “Star Tank,” said this event was the best one yet and they keep getting better every year. He mentioned seeing his students compete in this contest is a great experience.

“It’s one thing when you see them in a classroom as students,” Motz said. “But when they put their coats and ties on or their professional apparel and put together their PowerPoints, it’s very reassuring that we’re on the right track as faculty members.”

Dan Hagfors, an adjunct professor at LCC and a panelist in the discussion after the presentations, said he enjoyed the event.

“Obviously, it’s a lot like the ‘Shark Tank’ nationally, but on a local level it allows LCC students to take an idea and pitch that idea for some additional funding,” Hagfors said. “I’d like to see more participation, more ideas and more entrepreneurs.”

Courtney Sorenson, a marketing major who pitched the idea for a wine bar called “Wine Not,” said she thought her presentation went well.

“I think the opportunity is absolutely great because you don’t hear of schools often doing this where there’s a money prize, let alone a community college,” Sorenson said.

The plan was to have cash prizes for the top three contestants. However in the end, the judges made the decision to split the money so that even those outside of third place received cash prizes.

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On Saturday, March 18, 2017, the Lansing Community College American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter was awarded as one of the ‘Top Five Small Chapters of the Year’. Members and advisors of this year’s LCC-AMA club that attended the award ceremony recognized (left to right): Coleton Fischer, Courtney Sorenson, Kelcie Hausner, Adrienne Jenkins, Gladys Herod, Douglas Klein, Jeffrey MacCowan, Bill Motz, Edna Frenchwood, and Bruce Terry Jr.

On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Members and advisors of this year’s LCC-AMA club that attended the award ceremony recognized (left to right): Coleton Fischer, Courtney Sorenson, Kelcie Hausner, Adrienne Jenkins, Gladys Herod, Douglas Klein, Jeffrey MacCowan, Bill Motz, Edna Frenchwood, and Bruce Terry Jr.

New Orleans, LA –  Lansing Community College’s American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter was awarded as one of the “top five small chapters of the year” at the 39th annual AMA International Collegiate Conference on March 16 – 20. The LCC-AMA chapter competed on an international level with some of the best 4-year colleges and universities in the nation.

During the conference, LCC-AMA participated in a number of professional development activities. Those ranged from learning the ups and downs of being a startup entrepreneur to running social media marketing for small business.  Keynote speakers Luke Wycoff and Eric Cole communicated their diverse business experience.  Luke Wycoff is owner of Wycoff Consulting and Eric Cole is the inside sales manager of the 76er’s NBA team. Both are also graduates of Ferris State University in Michigan. The student club brought back marketing experiences and knowledge from those speakers and others which will help them continue their chapter success in the next academic year.

Lansing Community College has hosted an American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter for over 30 years, under the advising of marketing professor Bill Motz. This year, the club planned and implemented a variety of marketing activities to work their way to the top. When asked how he felt about the award, Bill Motz said, “I am proud of the LCC-AMA officers and the work they performed that earned them a Top Five Small Chapters Award.”

The students spent all year working hard to fundraise for their trip.   One of the special events the club hosts to fundraise is their annual “Business Etiquette Dinner”. This event provides a majority of the funds to attend the conference. The LCC-AMA put this event on last Fall to help students at Lansing Community College develop professional dining etiquette skills. This was also beneficial as a networking function for local businesses and their potential future employees. They hosted over 180 participants, as well as twenty sponsors at the dinner event.

LCC AMA is heading to New Orleans for the AMA International Collegiate Conference

A view down Bourban Street in New Orleans, 2016.

A view down Bourban Street in New Orleans, 2016.

Lansing, MI – Flying out to the “French Quarter” this March 15th, six LCC-AMA students will attend the American Marketing Association’s, International Collegiate Conference. The members have spent all year fundraising for this event, and are rounding third base.

The AMA, is a club for students looking to broaden their network and professional development. Like other clubs around campus, they welcome students participating in any program here at Lansing Community College. Jeffrey MacCowan, AMA’s President quotes “It’s your future, Buy it now.” The club’s Motto this year.

The LCC-AMA chapter has used  various marketing tactics, to raise enough money to attend this year. The members put together the “Business Etiquette Dinner”, in November of 2016. They reeled in a record 180 participants, and brought in more than 20 sponsorships. The dinner was an excellent networking event for students and employers.

In future events, presenting their next professional development outlet, is “Star Tank”. Yes folks, you heard it right. The “Shark Tank” parody, willing to cash in on your idea up to $1,000. Will the next Steve Jobs, be sitting right here at LCC, waiting for their capital investment? Coming to West Campus Auditorium, April 5th from 9 A.M.–12 P.M.

LCC AMA Live on WLNZ “Local Lunch Hour”

Watch the video below!

LCC AMA Attends Ferris State University AMA’s Regional Conference

Regional Conference

Regional Conference

Ferris State University AMA hosted their Regional Conference November 3-4, 2016

LCC AMA Members heard presenters from Chevy Racing, and Facebook to name a few.

LCC AMA member Tessa Littleworth was awarded first place in the Social Media Competition hosted by the Conference.



Tessa Littleworth

Tessa Littleworth






















Scholarship Golf Outing

LCC Foundation golf outing is July 14

Aaron WiltonStaff Writer | June 28, 2016

Playing golf can help someone pay for college?

The LCC Foundation has been accomplishing this feat for 27 years with its annual golf outing.

This year’s scramble is scheduled for Thursday, July 14 at the Royal Scot Golf Course on Lansing’s west side.

Bill Motz, a member of the LCC Foundation’s Board of Directors, explained the purpose of the outing.

“Back in 1990 we instituted the first golf outing and we’re now coming up on the 27th year of doing that,” Motz said. “The money has always gone back to the Foundation because that’s the aim for that. This allows us to provide scholarships for business students here at LCC.”

Motz a full-time marketing faculty member and the adviser to the American Marketing Association chapter at LCC, spoke about the different ways to donate to the cause and play a round of golf.

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Day at the Zoo

Day at the Zoo engages LCC community

Aaron Wilton, Staff Writer | June 21, 2016

Lions and tigers and goats, oh my!

The LCC Alumni Association will hold the 12th annual “Day at the Zoo” event Sunday, June 26 at Potter Park in Lansing.

The event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and continue until 3 p.m. Admission to the zoo is free for alumni, students, staff and faculty members and their families during the scheduled times.

Andrew Lathrop, manager of Alumni Relations at LCC, has been in charge of organizing the event since 2008. He shared some basic information about the event.

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Student entrepreneurs succeed at ‘Star Tank’

Shelby Schueller, News Editor | April 3, 2015

Six student entrepreneurs competed against one another to present eye-catching ideas to a panel of judges at “Star Tank,” April 1 in the LCC West Campus Auditorium.

Each presentation involved a new business or business idea and was five minutes long.

The event was hosted by LCC’s American Marketing Association (AMA) and was funded by the LCC Foundation.

“’Star Tank’ is an opportunity for students to pitch the ideas they have and feel like they have a voice for their plans for the future,” said Justus Smith. “It shows that people in the community and at LCC supports that.”

Smith is an LCC student and a member of the LCC AMA. He was highly involved in the promotional aspects for “Star Tank,” including visiting business classes to recruit students and creating fliers.

In addition to the possibility of winning cash, Smith said this event helps contestants gain practice creating a business pitch and to be judged in a constructive environment from people in the field.

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Day at the Zoo 2013

Day at the Zoo 2013


Thousands turn out for LCC Day at the Zoo

 | July 2, 2013 

The ninth annual LCC Alumni Association Day at the Zoo offered free admission to LCC students at Potter Park Zoo June 30.

The event was sponsored by LAFCU and hosted by LCC’s Alumni Association and Family Time.

According to Andrew Lathrop, president of LCC’s Alumni Association, 2,638 people attended the event.

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2012 LookOut Membership Article

2012 LookOut Membership Article

Grow your Marketing Skills with AMA

 | September 5, 2012

By Sarah Spohn, Staff Writer

With the start of the new semester, students are out and about—buying books and class materials, grabbing a bite to eat, and hustling from class to class.

But what is there to do after class? Many students might be wondering what they can do to get more involved and meet new people around campus.

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2012 Etiquette Dinner

2012 Etiquette Dinner (Photo by Nathan Wilson)


Etiquette Dinner polishes professional skills

 | March 2, 2012

The fifth annual Etiquette Dinner featured an array of sponsors and prizes Feb. 29 at LCC’s West Campus.

The sold-out event was organized by LCC’s American Marketing Association (AMA), providing guests with professional skills for etiquette and networking.

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Jim Reed AMA 2012

Jim Reed AMA 2012


AMA hosts national speaker during spring Marketing Week

 | January 20, 2012

LCC’s American Marketing Association (AMA) hosted its spring Marketing Week from Monday, Jan.16 to Friday, Jan. 20 with AMA national spokesperson Jim Reed.

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